LG K40 Recovery Mode, Download Mode & Safe Mode – Tutorial

After Soft Reset, the most useful forms of troubleshooting on LG K40 are Safe Mode, Recovery Mode & the Download Mode. Soft Reset is nothing but a normal restart. It’s a quick fix and works most of the time.

However, for bigger issues as soft brick, overheating, app crash or being locked out due to a forgotten pattern or pin, we need to use the advanced modes of troubleshooting which are safe mode, recovery mode & the download mode.

Let’s deal with them one by one.

1. LG K40 Recovery Mode

The recovery mode is useful when you’re locked out due to a forgotten pin, pattern or password. You should use recovery mode to Hard Reset your K40 only in case you’re unable to reset the phone using the “Settings” app.

lg k40 factory data reset

Within the Phone Settings, we can do a Factory Data Reset by going to “Settings” < “Restart & Reset (General Tab)” < “Factory data reset”.

If locked out, then follow the below procedure to boot your K40 into Recovery Mode –


lg k40 recovery mode

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LG K40 MetroPCS Firmware Download & Update -LMX420MM Stock ROM

The need to flash a stock firmware arises when either you’ve bricked your phone or unable to do OTA (Over the air) System update.

In some cases, the phone bricks when the firmware update process gets stuck in the midway. If your LG K40 is stuck on the firmware update screen then you’re at the right place.

To flash stock firmware /ROM on LG K40 we need to download a few files –

1. LG Mobile USB Driver v4.4.2 setup file – Download and install this file on your PC


2. LGUP Dual Mode.zip  – Download & Extract this file on your computer


3. LG K40 MetroPCS Stock Firmware ROM X420MM10g.zip – Download and extract this file on your computer


LG K40 Stock Firmware / ROM Download & Software Update – MetroPCS LM-X420MM

Let’s divide the whole process into 4 steps for the ease of understanding –

STEP 1: Installing the USB Driver and booting the phone into Download Mode


LG K40 MetroPCS firmware download


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LG K40 FRP Bypass Google Account Verification 2019-2020 LM-X420MM

Let’s bypass the Google Account Verification on LG K40 LM-X420 using the latest and easiest method. With this method, we can bypass FRP on K40 without using an app or computer.

This tutorial would work for all the K40 variants including K40 MetroPCS lmx420mm, K40 T-Mobile lmx420tm, K40 AT&T  lmx420as, Factory Unlocked K40  lmx420qn, K40 US Cellular lmx420qm,  & K40 Spectrum Mobile with model number lmx420qm6.


On doing a hard reset via Hard Keys, i.e. Volume Down & Power Button on LG K40, we need to go through the Google verification screen to complete the factory reset process.

This is Google’s Factory Reset Protection also known as FRP.

To get past this screen we either need to enter the Screen Lock PIN, Pattern or password (In case the phone had a Screen Lock), or sign in with the last synced Google account on this particular device.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to bypass this verification screen on K40 using this latest hack.

Follow the below screenshots to bypass the Google Lock on LG K40 –



How to Bypass Google Verification on LG K40 LM-X420 2019-2020

As a first step, go back from the Google Verification screen to the first screen of the setup wizard.


Let’s divide the whole process into 4 steps –

STEP 1: Gettings Access to the Youtube app via the Accessibility Settings

LG lm-x420mm frp bypass

We are back from the Google Sign-in page to the “Welcome” screen as shown above.

On the “Welcome page” look for “Accessibility” and open it.

A pop-up appears asking for confirmation. Tap “SETTINGS” to get access to Accessibility.



FRP Bypass LG K40

We are now on the “Accessibility” Page. We’ve to select the last option, “Switch Access” on this page.

To open “Switch Access Settings” tap “SETTINGS” located at the bottom-right corner.

LG K40 Google Bypass

On the “Switch Access Settings” page the first option is “Help & feedback”. Select this option to move ahead.

Again select the first option on the Help Page i.e. “About Switch Access for Android”.

LG K40 Bypass Google Account

The next page has a Youtube video on “How Switch Access Works”.

Tap on the video. A “3 dots” menu icon would appear. Select this icon.

This gives us 2 more options on the screen, Watch Later & Share. Select “Share” to proceed further.

We are using this share option to launch the Youtube app.

How to bypass google verification on lg k40

Now tap on the “Youtube video URL” or “3 dots” to gain access to the Youtube app.

On the youtube page, below the video, you’ll find the “Share” icon. Tap on it.

STEP 2: Adding a Secure Screen Lock using the Email app

LG K40 FRP Bypass 2019 2020

We are given various options to share the video. Among the listed options, choose “Email”

Give the email app the necessary access by hitting “ALLOW”.


How to bypass google account on lg k40

Once again we’ve to click “Share” and then “Email” as done before.

LG K40 Google Lock Bypass

When you’ll choose “Email” for the 2nd time, it’ll ask you to select the email provider.

Among the listed email providers select the 3rd one i.e. “Other”

There are 2 options on the next page, Email Address & Password.

Just type any email id to highlight the “MANUAL SETUP” option.


lg lmx420 frp bypass

Now “MANUAL SETUP” is enabled. Select this option.

Select the account type as “Microsoft Exchange” and tap “NEXT”.

lg lm-x420tm frp bypass

We are now on the “Server Settings” page.

The last option on this page is “Client Certificate”.

Tap “ADD” to add a certificate.

An “Attention” pop-up appears on the screen. It says we’ve to change the Screen lock to a secure one. Tap “CHANGE” to accept the request.

lg k40 lmx420 frp bypass

The next page is the “Select Screen Lock” page.

There are 3 screen lock options which are Pattern, PIN, and Password.

Set either of them. Choose an easy to remember screen lock PIN, Pattern or Password and note it down.


lg lm-x420as frp bypass 2020

I’m setting up a Screen PIN on my K40.

STEP 3: Reboot phone, finish the setup wizard and land on K40 Home Screen

lg k40 frp bypass no pc

After adding the screen lock it takes us to the “Fingerprints” page. We can skip this step.

Now, we’ve to reboot our K40.

Long-Press the Power Button & select “Power off and restart” to reboot your phone.

lg k40 frp bypass tool

Once again the K40 is on the Welcome Screen.

Use the “forward arrow” to move ahead.

LG LM-X420QN FRP Bypass

Select “DON’T COPY” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

When prompted, enter the screen lock PIN, Pattern or Password you added in the previous step.


LG K40 MetroPCS FRP Bypass

We are again on the Google Sign-in page. However, it’s different from the Google Lock / Verification screen. Here we get the skip option.

If you wish, you can also add a Google account at this stage ( the last synced Google account is not needed).

When the “Skip account setup?” pop-up appears again tap “Skip” to proceed further.

LG K40 T-Mobile FRP Bypass

Now we are on the “Google Services” page. Here we have to accept the Google services terms and conditions.

Follow the On-Screen prompts & keep moving ahead.

\ LG K40 Spectrum Mobile FRP Bypass

Tap “OK” on the “Review additional apps” page.


LG K40 Factory Unlocked FRP Bypass

The next page is the “Legal Documents” page.

Tick the checkboxes as shown above and hit “DONE” to land on the K40 home screen.

STEP 4: Changing the Screen Lock

LG K40 AT&T FRP Bypass

We have successfully bypassed the Google account / FRP on LG K40.

At this stage, if you wish you can change the screen lock.

Pull down the notification bar and select the “Settings Icon” as shown above.

How to bypass Google Lock on LG K40

Go to the “General Tab” and select “Lock screen & security”.

On the next page, choose “Select screen lock”


How to bypass Google Account on LG K40

Enter your PIN, Pattern or Password we just added a few steps ago.

Choose a new Screen Lock among the listed options. You can also add a Fingerprint or Face Lock as your new screen lock.

Using the above procedure I’ve made a Youtube video on How to Bypass Google Verification on LG K40. Check out the below video.



For any query or feedback, please leave a comment below.