LG K30 Screen Replacement Guide – lmx410mk, lm-x410asr, lmx410pm

LG K30 has a curved edged 2.5D glass display with no Gorilla Glass or Panda King Screen Protection. A curved edge screen is more prone to damage than a flat one. So, it’s better to use K30 with a screen protector and case.

However, if your K30 glass or LCD is already damaged then the only solution is the screen replacement. A phone screen is made up of 3 parts. The outer glass, touchscreen digitizer and the inner LCD.

Now in most of the cases, the glass breaks but the touchscreen does work. In this case, the outer glass can be replaced with a newer one. If the impact is severe, then the digitizer and/or LCD would break. In such a case we need to change the LCD which includes the digitizer as well.

There is one more option which is the easiest one and can be done by a non-professional at home. The last option is to get an LG K30 LCD with Frame. Let’s check out these 3 methods of LG K30 screen replacement.

Follow the detailed guide to replace your broken K30 glass with a new one –

LG K30 Screen Replacement Guide / Kit / Cost – lmx410mk, lmx410as, lmx410asr, lmx410tk, lmx410(fg), lmx410cs lmx410um & lmx410ulml


1. LG K30 Glass Replacement – Outer Glass Lens without Touchscreen Digitizer

LG K30 Screen Replacement

In more than 90% of the cases, only outer glass breaks and touchscreen digitizer remains intact. In such a case, you would like to save money by replacing the outer glass only. It sounds great but is quite difficult to implement.

This new glass can be replaced only after removing the broken glass using a heat gun. The LCD film is quite thin and may get damaged while removing the broken glass.

To do this job you would need to hire a professional and you may end up spending more than the cost of LCD. Moreover, it can never match the precision of the factory fitted glass.

However, if you wish to give it a try, you can get the LG K30 glass lens for around $10.

2. LG K30 LCD Replacement

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LG K30 Hard Reset, Factory Reset (Hard Keys), Soft Reset & Network Settings Reset Tutorial

From time to time you would need to reset your LG K30 depending on the severity of the issue. Most of the time a simple reboot (Soft Reset) is enough to so solve common problems such as freezing, lagging or overheating on K30.

However, as time goes by and we keep on filling the storage space with apps and other stuff the phone tends to get slow and a time comes when factory data reset becomes mandatory to keep things going.

In this post, we’ re going to check out all forms of reset available on LG K30 and how to get the most out of them in case of troubleshooting. So, Let’s get going –

LG K30 Soft Reset

LG K30 Soft Reset

A soft reset is nothing but a reboot. While the phone is ON, long-press the power key and among the listed options, tap “Power off and restart” to restart the phone.

A soft reset closes running apps and clears the RAM. Most of the time a soft reset is enough to restore your phone back to a normal working state.


How to Force Shutdown on LG K30

In case your K30 is frozen, then pressing the power button won’t do anything. In such a case a forced shutdown is the solution. However, removing the battery is not an option in the case of LG K30 due to the non-removable battery.

To force shutdown, Long press the power key for 10 seconds and the phone would restart.



How to force shutdown on LG K30

If this doesn’t work.

Press the Volume Down + Power key together, until the phone reboots.

This kind of force shutdown also works in Fastboot Mode & Download Mode on LG K30.



How to Factory Data Reset LG K30

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LG K30 Download Mode, Recovery Mode & Safe Mode – Detailed Guide

Safe Mode, Recovery Mode & Download Mode are the 3 modes of troubleshooting for LG K30 in ascending order.

Most of the time as soft reset (Reboot) does the job in case of minor issues such as lagging, freezing or overheating.

However, if the cause of the trouble is some downloaded app, then safe mode can help us to detect that malicious app without affecting the data stored in internal storage.

If the issue persists, then factory data reset comes to rescue. A factory data reset can be done within the settings.

However, if your K30 is locked out due to forgotten lock screen pin, password or pattern,  then we need to boot the phone into recovery mode & perform a factory data reset using hard keys. A factory data reset would wipe your internal storage.

The last resort, in case of a soft brick such as failed firmware update, is flashing a kdz file via download mode. If this fails to restore the phone, the issue is related to hardware and can only be fixed by a service technician.


Let’s check out how to enter different modes of Troubleshooting on LG K30  how to get the most out of them when needed –

How to boot LG K30 into Recovery Mode & Do a Hard Rest

LG K30 Recovery Mode

To boot your LG K30 into recovery mode,

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