LG K20 Plus LGMP260 Device Unlock Code MetroPCS

LG K20 Plus cannot be unlocked with an unlock code. You shouldn’t waste your money in buying codes. There is no way to enter an unlock code. In case of at&t phones, we’re prompted to enter a code if sim card of another carrier is inserted. However, it’s not the case with Metro PCS phones including the K20 Plus.

Here we’ve got a device unlock app pre-installed on the phone. You’ll find it in MetroPCS apps folder on the home screen. Now if you’ll try to unlock a newly purchased k20 plus phone it won’t let you unlock, the eligibility criteria here is an active service period of at least 180 days. Earlier it was 90 days which has now been increased to 6 months.

I got my K20 plus from eBay with 1-month unlimited plan. I didn’t renew the plan after its expiry, but to my surprise after 90 days when I tried the device unlock app my phone got unlocked permanently. I unlocked around 2 months ago.

You can also give this method a try, it may unlock your K20 plus for free –

How to Unlock LG K20 Plus MetroPCS


lgmp260 unlock



On the home screen, tap on the “MetroPCS” folder as shown above.

Look for “Device Unlock” app and click on it to launch.

To check whether your device is eligible for unlocking or not, select “CONTINUE”.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Wifi would work as well.


LG K20 Plus Unlock Code

Its Connecting to server, we’ve to wait for a while

Tap on “Permanent Unlock” to start the unlocking process.

Now it’s requesting for a permanent unlock. If your k20 plus is eligible then it’ll get unlocked permanently and never lock again.

However, if the eligibility criterion is not met, you’ll see an “Unlock Failed” message.


LG K20 Plus Device Unlock Free

Luckily in my case, the unlock was approved.

You can see it in the first screenshot above ” Unlock Approved: Mobile Device is Permanently Unlock”.

I restarted the phone. Now on opening the MetroPCS folder, i noticed that the “Device Unlock” app is gone as its no more needed.

I got my k20 plus unlocked just by paying for the first month of service. And that also I got for free along with the cell phone.

If you don’t wish to wait for 6 months to unlock you K20 Plus, you can always purchase the paid app unlock service from eBay. Nowadays it has got cheaper. Few months ago it was for around $25 but now you can get your K20 Plus unlocked for around $10.

For T-Mobile K20 Plus you’ve to shell out a lot more. It costs around $60 to unlock a T-Mobile K20 Plus.

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LG K20 Plus USB / ADB Drivers Windows 10 for MP260 & TP260

In this post, we’re going to install the 3 most significant drivers for LG K20 Plus.

When you connect your K20 Plus to PC, different drivers are needed for different modes. The very basic and most useful is MTP (File Transfer) mode, driver. It facilitates file transfer between your phone and the computer.

The second one is the ADB driver. This driver gets installed when USB debugging is enabled. This helps in connecting the phone in ADB/Fastboot mode and is needed to unlock the K20 plus bootloader.

The 3rd one is the USB Modem/Serial Port driver. It needs to be installed while in Download Mode to update/unbrick K20 Plus with a stock firmware.

So, Let’s start by downloading and installing LG K20 plus driver for Windows and MAC.

LG K20 Plus Drivers for Windows 10 & MAC

Download the latest LG USB Driver (v4.2) for Windows 10 and below. You can download it from the below link –



For MAC download the following driver –


Now that we’ve downloaded the setup file. Let’s install it by clicking on the LGMobileDriver.exe file as shown above.


Click “NEXT” on the InstallShield wizard to initiate the process.

Wait for the driver installation to complete.

LG Mobile Driver for K20 Plus has installed successfully.

Now that we’ve installed the driver when we’ll connect our K20 Plus to PC in different modes, different drivers will get installed as explained below.

LG K20 Plus  MTP /File Transfer Driver Installation

Connect you K20 Plus to the computer via USB data cable and select “File Transfer” Mode.

LGMP260 MTP Driver Installation

The driver installation should initiate on its own.

You can notice the model number of K20 Plus i.e LGMP260 in the screenshot above.


LG K20 Plus MTP Driver Installation

In device manager, it’s in “Other devices” category as the installation is not yet done.

Wait for the installation to complete.

LG K20 Plus USB Driver

The MTP driver has installed and is visible in Device Manager under “Portable Devices”

The name has changed from LGMP260 to LG K20 Plus.

LG K20 Plus File Transfer Driver

LG K20 Plus is now available as Portable Media Player and is ready for file transfer.

LG K20 Plus File Transfer MTP

You can see both, Internal storage and SD card are available for file transfer.


LG K20 Plus ADB / Fastboot Driver Installation

To install LG K20 Plus ADB Drivers, first, we need to enable USB Debugging, before connecting the phone to the computer.

Go to Settings < General < Developer Options and turn on “USB Debugging”.

Now connect the phone to PC via USB Data Cable in “Charging” mode or “File Transfer” mode.

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LG K20 Plus – How to Enable USB Debugging and Developer options

USB Debugging and OEM unlock needs to be turned on within the developer options to unlock the bootloader of LG K20 Plus. However, if you’ll look for developer options in Settings, you won’t find it anywhere.

In the earlier versions of Android, developer mode had quite a few options so it was kept visible by default. Since Lollipop, many more features are added which are meant for developers only and a normal user can do more harm than good by messing up with these settings. So keeping in mind the majority of the users its kept hidden but can be enabled quite easily with few taps on Build Number. Let’s see how to do this.


How to enable USB Debugging on LG K20 Plus



LG K20 Plus Enable Developer Options

To enable Developer Options, Click on the “Settings” icon on the home screen.

In Settings, select the “General” Tab and scroll down towards the bottom.

The last option you’ll find there is “About Phone”. Select it to open.


LG K20 Plus You are now a developer

Now click on “Software info” and look for Build number

We’ve to tap Build number 7 times to activate developer options.

Once done, it’ll say “You are now a developer!” as shown in the screenshot above.

LG K20 Plus Developer Options

Now go 2 steps back to the main settings page.

Here you’ll notice above “About Phone” a new option is visible which is “Developer options”.

LG K20 Plus Enable USB Debugging

Tap on it to open. As we’re opening it for the first time it’ll display a warning. Accept it to move further.

Now in “developer options” we’re interested in 2 things which are USB Debugging and OEM unlock.


Before turning ON “USB Debugging” make sure that your K20 Plus is not connected to PC. It would be greyed out and won’t let you enable if connected to the computer.



LG K20 Plus Enable OEM Unlock

Now look for “Enable OEM unlock” and toggle it to ON position as shown above.

If we’ve to unlock LG K20 Plus bootloader OEM unlock must be turned ON along with USB Debugging.

However, you must note that by turning on OEM unlock, Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) gets disabled, that means you won’t be prompted to verify your last synced google account if doing a hard reset with Volume Down and Power button combination.

Once you unlock the bootloader of your LG K20 Plus you cannot turn off “OEM Unlock” unless you relock the bootloader.

Now that we’ve turned on USB Debugging and OEM unlock we’re ready to Unlock LG K20 Plus Bootloader.

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