LG K20 Plus Hard Reset, Soft Reset & Factory Reset – LGMP260 / TP260

If you’ve got issues with your LG K20 Plus such as overheating, getting slow, not turning on, no sound, not charging, forgot password/pin/pattern/knock code, Wifi/Bluetooth problems etc then the order of troubleshooting should be –

1. Soft Reset

2. Network Settings Reset (In case of network related issue)

3. Safe Mode

4. Factory Data Reset/Hard Reset via Phone Settings

5. Factory Data Reset/Hard Reset via Recovery Mode (Using Volume Down & Power Button)

6. Flashing Stock Firmware in Download Mode

7. Hardware Repair

In this post, we’re going to cover soft reset, network settings reset and hard reset (Factory reset). So, Let’s go through them one by one –

1. How to Hard Reset / Factory Reset / Master Reset LG K20 Plus MetroPCS & T Mobile

Hard Reset, Factory Data Reset & Master reset is one and the same thing.  In this process, the internal storage is wiped and the phone is restored back to factory settings.

However, there are different ways to perform the factory data reset process. Let’s check them out –

LG K20 Plus Factory Data Reset / Hard Reset via Phone Settings 


Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

Select “General Tab” and scroll down to “Backup & reset” to open it.

Now tap on “Factory Data Reset” to initiate the process.


Tap on “RESET PHONE”, “Delete all” and Finally “RESET” to start the Factory Reset Process.

After the reset is complete the phone will restart and you’ll land to the setup wizard screen.

LG K20 Plus Factory Reset Setup Wizard

We’re on the Welcome screen of the setup wizard.

The setup process is self-explanatory. Just follow the screenshots.

Move forward by tapping the forward arrow.

“SKIP” the “Insert Sim Card” page

You can connect to Wifi on “Set Internet Connection” page or move forward to the “NEXT” page.

Accept Google’s Terms of service by clicking “NEXT”

Set the Date & Time according to your time zone and tap “NEXT”

Enter your name in the Name field and move ahead.

The next is the Fingerprint Setup page. You can either add your fingerprint lock now or it can be done later.

Finally, finish the setup wizard by checking “I agree” on the Legal Documents page.

LG K20 Plus Factory Data Reset via Recovery Mode

In case you’ve forgotten your lock screen password/pin/pattern/knock code and you are unable to recover your phone even with the recovery email & password, then the only way out is to reset via recovery mode to get the phone back to normal.

To enter recovery mode –

Turn OFF your phone


Press Volume Down & Power Key together to boot the phone.

As soon as the LG logo comes on screen, release the power key and hold it again.

Now, keep on holding the Volume Down & Power Button until you’re in recovery mode visible in the screenshot below.


In recovery mode, we can move UP and Down with Volume Keys and confirm with the Power Key.

To reset the phone, move down from “No (Exit)” to “Yes” with the help of Volume Down button.Press Power Key to Confirm our selection.

On the next screen, again move down to “Yes” with Volume Down button and Press the power button to initiate the factory data reset process.

After the phone is reset, you’ll land on the Welcome screen of the Setup Wizard.

Complete the setup wizard as shown before.



LG K20 Plus Factory Reset via TWRP (Custom Recovery)

If you’ve replaced the K20 Plus stock recovery with TWRP (Custom Recovery), then the factory data reset needs to done within the custom recovery itself.


After you boot into TWRP, hit on “Wipe” to open it.

Move the slider towards the right to initiate the factory reset process.

Once the factory reset is complete, tap on “Reboot System” to restart the phone.

Complete the Setup Wizard to land on the Home Screen.

2. How to Reset Network Settings on LG K20 Plus

In case of network related issues, its better to reset network settings, before attempting a factory data reset.

The data remains intact on resetting network settings.

The issues can be related to call, text, data, Bluetooth and Wifi.

To reet network settings, Go to Settings < Backup & reset < Network Reset Settings and tap on it.

Hit “RESET SETTINGS” twice to confirm your action.

Network Settings have been reset.

3. How to Soft Reset LG K20 Plus MetroPCS / T Mobile


Soft Reset is nothing but a restart. For any small issue, this should be our first troubleshooting step.


LG K20 Plus MP260 Soft Reset

To do a soft reset, long press the power button and select “Power off and restart”.


If the phone is hanged and power button does nothing,  keep the power key pressed for few seconds until a force reboot takes place.

If still out of luck, pull out the battery, put it back in and turn on the phone.




LG K20 Plus LGMP260 Device Unlock Code MetroPCS

LG K20 Plus cannot be unlocked with an unlock code. You shouldn’t waste your money in buying codes. There is no way to enter an unlock code. In case of at&t phones, we’re prompted to enter a code if sim card of another carrier is inserted. However, it’s not the case with Metro PCS phones including the K20 Plus.

Here we’ve got a device unlock app pre-installed on the phone. You’ll find it in MetroPCS apps folder on the home screen. Now if you’ll try to unlock a newly purchased k20 plus phone it won’t let you unlock, the eligibility criteria here is an active service period of at least 180 days. Earlier it was 90 days which has now been increased to 6 months.

I got my K20 plus from eBay with 1-month unlimited plan. I didn’t renew the plan after its expiry, but to my surprise after 90 days when I tried the device unlock app my phone got unlocked permanently. I unlocked around 2 months ago.

You can also give this method a try, it may unlock your K20 plus for free –

How to Unlock LG K20 Plus MetroPCS


lgmp260 unlock



On the home screen, tap on the “MetroPCS” folder as shown above.

Look for “Device Unlock” app and click on it to launch.

To check whether your device is eligible for unlocking or not, select “CONTINUE”.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Wifi would work as well.


LG K20 Plus Unlock Code

Its Connecting to server, we’ve to wait for a while

Tap on “Permanent Unlock” to start the unlocking process.

Now it’s requesting for a permanent unlock. If your k20 plus is eligible then it’ll get unlocked permanently and never lock again.

However, if the eligibility criterion is not met, you’ll see an “Unlock Failed” message.


LG K20 Plus Device Unlock Free

Luckily in my case, the unlock was approved.

You can see it in the first screenshot above ” Unlock Approved: Mobile Device is Permanently Unlock”.

I restarted the phone. Now on opening the MetroPCS folder, i noticed that the “Device Unlock” app is gone as its no more needed.

I got my k20 plus unlocked just by paying for the first month of service. And that also I got for free along with the cell phone.

If you don’t wish to wait for 6 months to unlock you K20 Plus, you can always purchase the paid app unlock service from eBay. Nowadays it has got cheaper. Few months ago it was for around $25 but now you can get your K20 Plus unlocked for around $10.

For T-Mobile K20 Plus you’ve to shell out a lot more. It costs around $60 to unlock a T-Mobile K20 Plus.

Please share your thoughts via the comment section below.

LG K20 Plus MP260 Stock ROM KDZ Download & Firmware Update Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to restore a bricked LG K20 Plus MetroPCS back to working state. In this troubleshooting, we’ve to flash the K20 Plus stock firmware (kdz) using LGUP flashing tool.

You can also use this tutorial to unroot your phone back to factory state for warranty reasons or just to update your K20 plus android firmware to mp26010v.

The files needed to flash the stock firmware with their respective download links are –

1. LG K20 Plus USB Driver (Serial Port Driver installation for flashing)


2. LGUP Store Version 1.14 ( The official LG flashing tool)


3. Uppercut (serves as K20 Plus DLL file)



4. LG K20 Plus mp26010v MetroPCS Stock ROM Firmware.zip (extract the zip file to get kdz)



Now that you’ve downloaded the necessary files, let’s proceed with the tutorial –

How to Unbrick / Flash LG K20 Plus

Step 1: Installing the necessary programs on our computer

First of all, we’re going to install all the necessary programs on our computer

LG K20 Plus Download Mode Driver


Lets’ start with LGMobileDriver v4.2 installation

Double click on the setup file to start the installation. You need to install LG USB driver only if it’s not already installed on your computer.



LG K20 Plus Driver

Finish the driver installation by following the InstallShield wizard for LG Mobile Driver.

LG K20 Plus LGUP

Now install the LGUP flashing tool by clicking on the setup file.

LG K20 Plus LGUP Installation

Complete the LGUP installation but don’t run the program yet.

Step 2: Connecting K20 Plus to PC in Download Mode & installing the necessary drivers


The next step is to boot our K20 Plus in Download Mode

To enter Download Mode –

Turn off the phone

Connect one end of the USB data cable to your K20 Plus

Press the Volume UP key as shown above

Keep the Volume UP button pressed & connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.

If done correctly, the phone will boot into download mode.

LG K20 Plus Download Mode Firmware Update

“Download Mode” will flash for few seconds then it’ll change to “Firmware Update” as shown above.

Now, wait for the LG K20 Plus USB Modem & Serial Port driver to install.

We’re expecting LGE AndroidNet USB Modem & LGE AndroidNet Serial Port drivers to install successfully.

Step 3: Loading LGUP with the help of Uppercut & Flashing the Stock Firmware

LG K20 Plus Uppercut

After the successful driver installation, we would launch LGUP flashing software with the help of Uppercut.

If you would directly run LGUP, it won’t detect the connected phone.

Uppercut aids in the detection of the connected phone in download mode.

Thanks to autoprime, there’s no need to search for the K20 Plus DLL file anymore.

LG K20 Plus Uppercut DLL

Open the Uppercut folder, and run the program by clicking on the exe file.


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